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Lightweight Design – Every gram Matters!

NSR Carbon design philosophy, first and foremost, is to provide an enhanced and comfortable experience in a lightweight design to provide an excellent mobility and ease of transportation, unparalleled by any other traditional metal made wheelchair.

Carbon Fiber Composite For Main Chassis

Employing high strength, lightweight carbon fiber composite for main chassis with up to 5 times strength to weight ratio compared to aluminum alloy.r

Easy Transportation

Thanks to its lightweight design, daily transportation of the wheelchair is as easy as it gets!

Premium Parts

Premium quality of components, from wheels to bearings and casters ensures a high quality premium product with no compromise in quality!

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Unmatched Experience For Regular Wheelchair Users

NSR Carbon Light eliminates the hurdles of wheelchair transportation faced by wheelchair users or their companions. The Ultralight transportation weight of 5 kg (weight without wheels) makes it possible for user to transport the wheelchair without any assistance.
In addition to facilitated transportation, the overall low weight of the wheelchair ensures a much smoother mobility with less effort





About Us


Davoud Heydari

The CEO of T.I.P
The CEO of Shahed cultural art institution

There are approximately 1 milion disabled people in Iran who need rehabilitative equipments.
Among the total number there are nearly 900 thousand paraplegics and more than 5 thousand veteran disabled.
Nasim Sehate Rasti (NSR) intends to provide the appropriate facilities by producing some of the equipments or importing them from outstanding companies all around the world

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